Why do gyms program double unders?

Why do gyms program double unders?

So many people, not all, but quite a few people we meet think that double unders are a movement in fitness that only “RX” or Elite athletes do.  Some people will say “they aren’t at that level” or “I’m not going to be a competitor, so I don’t need to learn double unders”.

Double unders are a skill we feel everyone should learn.  When we get older, or if you already are, do you want to walk up and down stairs efficiently?  Do you want to keep your balance and not constantly fall or feel like you’re going to fall?

That’s because double unders have more of a neurological stimulus than cardio.  Jump rope in general is great for cardiovascular workouts, but also for learning balance and coordination.  Some feel they can get enough of the workout by doing single unders, but they are missing out on the future of their progress in fitness in general.  

Coordination helps to apply strength.  We all want to be stronger! Strength in workouts as well as day to day life.  Once most people hear all of this, it’s exciting when they want to try to succeed at double unders.  They don’t see them as a burden to have to learn, but an encouragement to better themselves and their future.  So, when your gym programs double unders in the workout, don't be nervous or "just" do singles...give double unders a try!  You'll be glad you did!

What is the best cable to learn double unders with?  Something that is a little heavier like our Rookie Jump Rope that has the black cable.  Having a little weight to the cable helps to feel the feedback and know where your cable is as it comes around your body to learn timing.  Our jump rope cables are color coded according to their weight.  Black, heavier for learning and mastering single unders and double unders.  Once you start to link 20-30 double unders in a row, you move into the Blue Intermediate Jump Rope then on to the Red Elite Jump Rope for when you can link 70+ double unders.  The great thing is that once you purchase a Mute Sports Jump Rope and progress into the lighter cables, you don’t have to purchase a new jump rope, just a replacement cable that is $9.  

We offer video coaching!  Just send us a DM on Instagram of a video of you jumping and we will reply with tips to help you progress.  We do not share the videos; they are kept private.  Message us today!  We’re here to help! 

Instagram:  @mutesportsequipment

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