Try this No-Impact Workout

Try this No-Impact Workout

When we are at gyms teaching jump rope clinics, as we are handing out jump ropes, we often hear “I do not jump….it hurts too much”.  Many people have issues with knees, hips, back, fear of falling while jumping rope, in a wheelchair or unable to jump for various other reasons.  Our solution:  Split Ropes!  A seated rope that has weight to it.

Our Split Ropes are a seated rope that is an option for a workout for no impact on your lower body.  However, don’t be deceived, Split Ropes work your entire body.  While seated, move your butt as far forward as possible on the seat.  If you are a quadriplegic, try not to brace yourself as much as possible.  By not bracing yourself with your legs or back, this will engage your core.  As you sit, keep your heels off the ground so you balance and engage your calves and hamstrings.

As you rotate the Split Ropes, start slow then progressively add speed. Adding speed, adds coordination, cardio and grip strength.  

Try this No-Impact Workout:

4 Minute TABATA (20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest)

Alternating between forward and back rotations each round.

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Buffalo Split Ropes in the Picture)

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