The Mute Sports Heavy Calf Jump Rope

The Mute Sports Heavy Calf Jump Rope

Many people look at our Calf Jump ropes and tilt their head and say “Why?”. “Why train with such a heavy rope?” Being ¾ pound, it is a beast!

This heavy rope will help you gain grip strength, shoulder strength, midline stability (Ah, we all want better abs!) as well as helps you jump higher. All of these benefits translate to many other movements in the gym.

When you use the Calf Rope, it reinforces what you want to do with our standard jump rope:

-Keep your hands in front of your midline. This is when your handles stay in your peripheral vision.

-When you use the flick of the handle to accelerate, it accelerates your rope without using a lot of arm and shoulder muscle and this makes you more efficient. When you rotate with your arm around in a circle, you are now using muscle and it is harder to keep the rope under tension.

-With the Calf Rope being so slow since it is heavy, it helps you to learn better timing. Timing is when you should jump. So you flick and jump when the rope comes by at eye level.

-Also, the Calf Rope reinforces how you jump. It “makes” you jump higher so when you are using your standard rope, you are used to jumping high. When you jump high, it slows down your standard rope and helps you keep more control and this leads to better double unders!

How often should you use the Calf Rope? Our suggestion is either once a week for 3 minutes or so or twice a week for 2 minutes of jumping. Another idea is to use it in your Calf jump rope when the workout has sets of 50 jumps or less or a total of less than 250 jump rope.

This rope is durable and unlike our standard cables, the Calf Rope can be used outside!  This is such a great benefit; you can jump anywhere!

So, how do you use a Mute Sports Heavy Calf Rope? Watch Now!

As always, you can contact Tim and Laura with any questions. 

Thanks for reading!

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