Jump Rope in the CrossFit Open

Jump Rope in the CrossFit Open

Jump Rope was in the CrossFit Open again this year.  Athletes know that the Open comes around every year, but why do most CrossFitters wait until a month or two prior to the Open to practice their double unders?  At our clinics, we suggest practicing two minutes every day you work out.  Sometimes when you are fresh, coming to the gym early or after your workout when you are fatigued.  When you are learning and mastering your double unders, we suggest practicing when you are fresh.  Most people can get frustrated when learning and practicing while fatigued can add to the frustration.  

Viist our social media to see some tips that we shared on March 3, 2023.

One of the jump rope tips we shared is to slow down!  So many athletes watch YouTube videos and see professionals do their double unders at a crazy speed.  This is great if you have a small amount in your workout, but this year the Open had 50 double unders.  Tied in with Snatches and Wall Walks, you will need some cardio in the bank.  If you bust out 50 dubs and have to stand there to catch your breath, you've wasted all the time you saved by going fast.  Slowing your tempo down will first of all, help you go to the next movement quicker, but also you may trip less.  Tripping less equals a larger set and less discouragement.  Also, with larger sets, you'll be done sooner!

Another tip for the CrossFit Open and for WODs in general, is to keep your hands in your peripheral vision.  With our larger handles, the leverage comes from the handle and not you.  If you flick back behind your midline, the cable will essentially fall "oblong" and you're more likely to hit your head/ponytail or top of your hand.  Keeping your hands forward will keep the jump rope cable in a "taught" position and you will save your shoulders from fatigue.

One last tip (there are more on our Instagram and Facebook pages), is to point your toes to the ground, pushing your body straight up.  Imagine pushing your head to the ceiling.  Try to keep your legs straight and let your feet dangle.  You do not want to kick backwards, some call it donkey-kick, this will cause you to fatigue your hamstrings as well as land harder.  Another thing athletes tend to do is pike, or point toes upward.  This causes you to tax your core.  You need your core for breathing!  Pushing straight up helps in so many ways.  

Please message us if you would like more tips.  Did you know you can DM us on Instagram and Facebook a video of you jumping and we will give you tips?  Everyone has something to work on and we can help you improve for your next workout!

Also, don't forget about our Free Jump Rope Clinics!  We're planning a Northern Trip in the summer of 2023.  Contact us and maybe we can visit your gym!

Thanks for reading, Laura & Tim



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