There are a multitude of benefits that athletes of all skill levels can see and feel from jump ropes! First of all, you need a quality jump rope.  A sturdy cable with a little weight to it, like Mute's Rookie Jump Rope with black cable.  

  1. The benefits of a heavier cable gives you "feedback" or feel to the cable.  As you bring the jump rope cable around your body, if the cable is too light, learning to jump rope can be a struggle.  Save that light, weightless cable for when you get really good at it.

  2. Jumping rope is a great weight loss tool.  We all want to be more fit, right?  Adding just 2 to 3 minutes of jumping a day will help you gain more cardio and overall get better at jump rope.  As you get better, you will be more efficient.

  3. As we grow older, and yes, we all are, we need coordination.  Coordination is important for day to day life.  Some ask, why do double unders when I can do singles unders faster and get more done.  Yes, yes you can!  But, double unders builds coordination.  Think of some things that improve your life with coordination:  walking stairs, walking on loose gravel, walking on uneven ground, carrying something.
  4. Some get sore shins a calves with jump rope.  Start with just 1 minute a day to build muscle and ankle strength.  As you build strength, add time.  Jumping rope at the beginning for 20 minutes just makes your next day super sore and you'll be discouraged.  No one wants that!

  5. Need a Travel Workout Idea?  Take your jump rope.  It is suggested to jump on a smooth surface, but if you need to jump on a sidewalk, replacement cables are inexpensive. When we travel, we usually don't eat the best.  If we can jump rope, we exercise.  When we exercise, we think more about our nutrition. SHOP REPLACEMENT CABLES


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