Disc Golf & Mute's Liquid Chalk

Disc Golf & Mute's Liquid Chalk

It is a great time of year to get outside!  One inexpensive way to enjoy the sunshine is Disc Golf!

As Tim and I travel, we have visited many disc golf courses.  Most have free access and over time we have added to our disc collection.  You don’t need many discs, but as you improve, you will find more discs are desired. Different disc fly with different patterns.  

One other thing that we have found that we needed is chalk!  The discs get slippery when it is humid.  Also, if you are playing on a wet course after rain (hopefully not during the rain!).  We carry a towel to dry the disc, but it’s sometimes difficult to get the disc completely dry.

Mute’s liquid chalk comes in a 50mL bottle with a carabiner that you can attach it to your disc golf bag.  The neat thing is you only need to usually apply the liquid chalk just once, maybe twice throughout your game.  

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