All the details about Mute Sports Thumb Tape

All the details about Mute Sports Thumb Tape

As we add products to our inventory, it’s a detailed process.  At Mute Sports, we make sure that each product is high quality and not just “another product on the market”.  When we began the process of researching thumb tape, we gathered all the specifics that we would want in a thumb tape ourselves.  Being athletes, we test our products and make them the quality we would want to use them as well as making it affordable.  Why make a product we wouldn’t need or use?  

What qualities are important in thumb tape?

  • Size:  2 inches gives you good coverage.  Not too wide but wide enough.

  • Adhesiveness:  Have you had your tape come off during a workout?  This is something we really want to avoid.  We made sure the adhesive is strong and sticky enough to stay on yet flexible enough to move your fingers still.
  • During the process, we also made sure to make a finger tape that is waterproof and sweat resistant.  Just like we mentioned above, we don’t want our tape coming off during workouts.  This was one process that took a few tries to make sure it is waterproof and we feel we succeeded!
  • So many people have allergies, so we took this into consideration.  Our thumb tape is latex free.
  • Once your workout is over and you take off your tape, it doesn’t leave a nasty residue.
  • Each roll is 22 feet long, 7.3 yards.

Purchase your tape today!  Available in Single Roll and 3 Rolls.

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